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Located at the western tip of the birdshead peninsula in West Papua - Indonesia.

We are a travel tour operator which based our activity around the southern part of Waigeo island in the Raja Ampat.

The tour is to explore by excursion on simple liveaboard, snorkeling and diving around the Dampier strait between Waigeo and Batanta islands and to the southern part of Misool islands in Raja Ampat. A basic trip where things are simple and adventurous, excursing, snorkeling and diving during the day and staying overboard or local homestays during the night.

For the last 15 years since we started the operation we have gain experience and knowledge about the area and know where to be best for every trip. Now we operate our own private boat for trips and keep upgrading our services for our guests, while keep offering economical packages with high value.


Raja Ampat consist of hundred of beautiful islands.

Raja Ampat - North

The northern islands of Raja Ampat host some of the best landscapes and underwater sites, from Waigeo to Wayag and Batanta islands, we will explore all the best it can offer. Housing some of the richest reefs in Dampier strait, we will snorkel and explore each reefs on our tour.

Waigeo island is the largest island among the four large islands in Raja Ampat, as of its largest area, you will spot many beautiful places not only for the fantastic underwater world but also for its lands, beaches, culture, the people, etc.


Raja Ampat - South

The southern islands of Raja Ampat also host beautiful landscapes and underwater reefs, a well protected area which offer great snorkeling and diving for every enthusiast.

As one of four largest islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago, Misool island is a world renowned dive and snorkeling destination in the province of West Papua and located off the west coast of the main island of papua.

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